Jimmy's Food Store - Fine Italian Food & Wine
The History of Jimmy’s

Marie DiCarlo - History of Jimmy's
Marie DiCarlo, Co-Founder (Mother of Mike and Paul)

History of Jimmy's
Tony DiCarlo (Son of Paul)

History of Jimmy's
James DiCarlo, Co-Founder, at 2nd Avenue Store in 1953 (Son of "Jimmy")

History of Jimmy's
Paul and Mike DiCarlo

History of Jimmy's
Charlie DiCarlo stocking at original Jimmy’s in 1998 (son of Paul)

History of Jimmy's
Cousins Charlie and Tony (Paul's sons) < James (Mike's son)





  • Grandfather James and Father James had grocery store in South Dallas 20 years before Jimmy’s opened in 1966.
  • Grandfather James and Father James opened Jimmy’s Food Store August 1966. The store opened but soon after Grandfather James died.
  • Mother Marie and Father James ran a grocery store on their own together for many years prior to running Jimmy’s.
  • Brothers Mike and Paul started working in the store in their early teens and continue to work together.
  • From 1966 to 1997 the neighborhood around Jimmy’s changed from general grocery store to imports for the community – African, Cuban, Mexican, etc.
  • During that time Jimmy’s carried Italian sausage and traditional Italian holiday goodies only during the Thanksgiving/Christmas Holidays.
  • In 1997 brothers Mike and Paul made the commitment to change their focus to Italian Foods and concentrate on their own Italian heritage.
  • Marie DiCarlo started rolling her own meatballs and selling them to the public.
  • With input from customers items were added to the inventory. Native Italians, Italian Americans, New York Italians all sharing stories and memories of how they grew up. Many regions in the US are as diverse in customs and foods as the regions in Italy are.
  • Interest in Italian Wine flourished in the U.S. and ALL the regions of Italy are represented. ONLY Italian wine is put on the shelves at Jimmy’s.
  • October 2004 fire struck Jimmy’s and the store, except for the outside structure, was completely destroyed.
  • From December 2004 to November 2005 the store remained opened in an abbreviated status at the Siegel’s Liquor Store in the Quadrangle.
  • February 2005 Marie DiCarlo passes away leaving the family to carry on her recipes.
  • November 2005 the new Jimmy’s Food Store opens at the restored location. Due to the fire the store is expanded and the Italian imports take over the entire store. All aspects of the inventory were expanded and most particularly the wine.
  • 2006 - Mary DiCarlo Francis (sister or Mike and Paul) begins sharing her talents by adding Italian desserts. She has added recipes from her grandmother, her mother (Marie) and her own specialties. Her fig cookies are a special favorite bringing back memories and tastes for many of the customers.
  • 2006 - A wine room – Circolo del Vino was added and has become a venue for Italian wine tastings and wine dinners. We are privileged to host Italian vineyard owners and winemakers to educate us on their wines and winemaking.